We’ve asked the most recent 30 companies we’ve featured in CompanyWeek to share some anecdotal information about where employees are working, their vaccination status as, or if, they return from remote work, and whether companies are requiring COVID vaccinations.

Here’s their feedback:

CW: What percentage of employees who went remote are returning or have returned?

  • Companies that supported remote workers – 62%
  • All employees returning now or in the near future – 70%
  • No employees returning — will stay remote – 4%
  • No employees were remote – 35%
  • No Answer – 3%

Data relating to a company’s vaccination policy was definitive, if seemingly in flux:.

CW: Will you require a COVID vaccination at company facilities?

  • No – 83%
  • Yes – 13%
  • NA – 4%

Of the 83%, some companies further qualify their policy:

  • No – 50%
  • No, because all/most employees are currently vaccinated – 20%
  • No, but “strongly encouraged”, “encouraged”, or “recommended” – 17%
  • NA – 13%

Shifting gears: We continue to develop SCoPCompanyWeek’s supply-chain portal. It’s a searchable database of all CompanyWeek company features, but more, an up-and-coming regional sourcing tool, connecting companies that need things made with companies that can make things, within manufacturing’s diverse industry supply chains.

Here’s new capabilities recently added to SCoP via the latest CompanyWeek profiles.

  • Custom retail packaging boxes
  • Manufacturer and contract packer for liquid products
  • Custom cross-laminated timber, scaled to the needs of smaller rural communities
  • Warehousing solutions
  • 5-axis mill-turn production
  • Cannabis edibles manufacturing
  • Nursery partners to trial and produce (cannabis) seed
  • Design engineering and pressure fabrication
  • Building technology company, standardizing construction in a transformative industry
  • Organic spices provider
  • Local 3PL provider

Contact me for a direct connection to one of these suppliers or manufacturers. To get featured in CompanyWeek and listed in SCoP contact one of our editors; or add a listing in SCoP on your own.

For our part, we’ll continue to provide details on new and current entries in SCoP — companies that may help you facilitate more local and regional production and manufacturing.

Bart Taylor is publisher of CompanyWeek. Contact him at btaylor@companyweek.com.