James Engineering is an industry leader in the gear deburring world. Over the past few years, our incredibly unique multi-axis CNC-style systems have allowed us to broaden our horizons to include edge and surface preparation, deburring, chamfering, radiusing, threading, polishing, honing, blind bores, snap rings, rectilinear parts, and much more! Not only do we offer a vast line of deburring systems but our doors are open to contracting these services as well.

Speaking of contracting services, we are now accepting outside machine work and consulting services. We have always made our own parts for our machines. Since the machines we make are in a market of their own that makes us the trailblazers. As such, we cannot look elsewhere to solve our problems. We pull on almost 40 years of experience, building custom machines and supplying state of the art deburring machines to all of the world’s top manufacturers. This has allowed us to see countless examples of how things are done; things that very few people get to see. This now puts us in a rare position to offer outside machine work from an entirely new perspective.

We offer machine work, deburring services, consulting, engineering, CAD/3D modeling, assembly and fab services • 40 years of experience manufacturing our own CNC machines • Machining: prototype, small run, or high-volume work welcome • Tolerances up to +/- .0002″ • All materials • Extremely competitive rates

Contact Scott Richards at scottrichards@james-engineering.com.