Emerging Colorado Apparel Company Entertaining Seed Capital

Glenn + Glenn is a women’s ready-to-wear clothing label comprised of sustainable textiles founded in October 2017 by designers and sisters, Hillary Glenn Riley and Jillian Glenn Altman. The initial product line of eight pieces will include sleeveless and long sleeve tops, a variety of dresses, and two skirts in solid neutral colors and a print pattern. Pattern-making and sample production is underway for the product line to launch in Spring 2019. The company is seeking investors to continue funding for the production and manufacturing of their intial collection.

The categories of today’s fashion industry are vast and varied: fashion-forward, high-quality garments are accessible to very few due to high prices and limited distribution, while the lower end of the market is cluttered with low-quality fabric, low-quality construction and mass-produced garments – readily available, but lacking quality and value. Therein lies both the problem and an opportunity for a solution: fill this hole in the market with fashionable, versatile apparel, expertly produced with high-quality fabrics. A new label, with high standards for excellence and style, but without the pretence of a couture price tag, fits perfectly in this price point for this target market.

While appropriate for adult women of any age, Glenn + Glenn will target the market of women 30-55 years old in urban locations, with a middle to upper-income financial bracket. The initial line products are workwear, cocktail attire, modern classics, and sophisticated layering pieces for the fashion-forward customer. In the ever-advancing world of accessibility and purchasing opportunities, Glenn + Glenn will begin with its own online store presence while working to secure potential wholesale contracts with domestic and international retail buyers that match the quality, style and price point of our products.

The foundation for Glenn + Glenn is timeless longetivity. By producing a limited quantity of a small product line, the company is controlling costs while building brand demand. Another competitive advantage is utilizing the same fabrics, colors and prints across multiple styles in the collection which makes manufacturing efficient by avoiding fabric minimum constraints and reducing waste. In addition, the Glenn + Glenn product line meets the target market’s demands – high standards, strong opinions, and smart expectations. The first collection delivers superior quality, natural and sustainable fabrics at an affordable price – key elements the founders have determined important to their target market. Filling this gap in the market, positions the company for sustained growth and early market share in the landscape of high-end women’s wear.

Sustainability is a beacon, and a pilar of this brand creating the framework for Glenn + Glenn’s manufacturing and development philosophy.

The company’s goals inlcude:

sourcing natural fibers and sustainable textiles [Silk, Lyocell, Linen, Wool]

recycling fabric waste to create add-on products like packaging and labeling

incorporating singular fabrics and color ways throughout several pieces in the line

retaining product consistency throughout the collection by working with a single factory

developing a long-term relationship with a factory that will accommodate an intitial small

production run, and is capable of growing ALONG WITH THE BRAND.

Potential investors should be able to recover initial investment in the first 5-6 years with exponential growth from that point. Conservative revenue projections show 40-50% revenue growth from that point forward if not sooner. Returns will be structured for that early return of initial investment with a staggered schedule forward as the label gains momentum.

For more information, please contact Glenn + Glenn directly. The company is based in downtown Boulder, Colorado.