The Advanced Machining & Manufacturing Award — a.k.a. AMMA — showcases companies committed to innovation and improvement when it comes to manufacturing and machining and co-presented by CompanyWeek and the Rocky Mountain Tooling and Machining Association. The three AMMA finalists at the 2022 Colorado Manufacturing Awards exemplify this commitment.

Focused on Machining (Louviers)

Photo by Jonathan Castner

It’s round two for Focused on Machining, the AMMA winner in 2021. The 16-employee shop, AS9100-certified as of September 2021 after adding a second shift early in the year, has made a strong move into aerospace by entering the supply chain of SpaceX and other rocket manufacturers with fuel manifolds, complex brackets, and other components.

“We’ve really tightened up our processes internally,” says President Justin Quinn. “We’re shipping parts all over the country, rather than machining mostly local customers, and I think that’s a testament to our quality capabilities, marketing efforts, all those things.”

Quinn forecasts 2022 revenue to hit at least $2.3 million, up more than 20 percent from 2021. Beyond aerospace, work for customers in the medical, cannabis, and beverage industries has also driven the growth. “We’re adding new customers in aerospace, but all of our customers across the board are really growing,” says Quinn.

CompanyWeek profile (February 2017):

Hirsh Precision (Boulder)

Photo by Jonathan Castner

President and CEO Peter Doyle bought the contract manufacturer in 2019 after serving as COO for two years, and built on a good thing.

The company’s grown from about 70 to 100 employees in the years since as it earned an AS9100D and ISO 13485 certifications and ITAR registration. Work in the medical, aerospace, and scientific industries have driven much of the growth as it transitions to a 65,000-square-foot facility north of Denver in Frederick, Colorado, in 2022.

“We have systems, we have a great team, we have continued to invest in automation,” says Doyle, pointing to the company’s paperless Hirsh Production System as “a differentiator” for the company. “I hit the gas on that. It’s an order of magnitude larger and more capable.”

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Sundyne (Arvada)

Photo courtesy Sundyne

The 2021 Industrial/Equipment Manufacturer of the Year, the longtime leader in pumps and compressors for petrochemical applications has made a strategic pivot to diversify its portfolio. “We’re doubling down on renewable energy,” says General Manager Mark Rauenzahn. “There’s a lot of investment being put in place to accomplish that goal.”

Diaphragm compressors for refueling hydrogen cells are one notable driver. Rauenzahn says the requests for quotes are up 8X over the last six months. “There’s a tremendous push for hydrogen as a refueling option for automotive,” he says.

About 300 of the company’s more than 850 employees are based at its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Arvada. Rauenzahn says the growth forecast for 2022 is 15 to 20 percent.

With tolerances with “three of four zeroes” after the decimal point, Sundyne is leveraging more automation than ever. “We’re investing in new technology for manufacturing,” says Rauenzahn, citing a $5 million-plus capital investment in the company’s machine shop in 2021.

CompanyWeek profile (January 2021):

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