The finalists for the Bioscience Manufacturer of the Year at the 2021 Colorado Manufacturing Awards are three very different businesses connected by a commitment to excellence in manufacturing, whether the end product is a surgical tool, compounded pharmaceutical, or antimicrobial solution.

Birko Corp. | Henderson

Photo courtesy Birko Corp.

As one of the biggest names in food safety worldwide, Birko Corp. makes more than 250 different products for the food and beverage industry. Its line of antimicrobial chemistries fight salmonella, listeria, E. coli and other foodborne pathogens in produce.

Birko is committed to turning great science into valuable new products that save time and resources, says Kelly Green, the company’s president and owner. Birko also is continuously improving its sustainability efforts, which involves removing phosphates in cleaning products; using enzyme technology to create more efficacious and environmentally friendly products; and proactively removing components that could be detrimental to health and the environment.

“Birko’s expertise and innovation in food safety are built on a solid foundation of chemistry and three generations of experience,” Green says. “We are dedicated to hiring and fostering a sophisticated team to develop more efficient products and technologies by reducing chemical, water, and resource usage.”

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Leiters | Englewood

Photo courtesy Leiters

With healthcare providers today being required to do more with less as they try to improve patient care, many turn to manufacturers such as Leiters for larger batches of high-quality drugs.

Leiters is a human drug compounding outsourcing facility or 503B — a category of regulated entities created under the 2013 Drug Quality and Security Act that allows hospitals to outsource the production of compounded medications.

“Success is running a profitable company that conducts business with honesty and integrity while meeting the needs of the communities it serves and fostering a healthy working environment enabling its employees to deliver on the company’s mission,” Leiters President and CEO Robin Smith Hoke says. “Success for our industry is ensuring that 503B outsourcing facilities delivery high-quality pharmaceutical products manufactured under stringent FDA regulations and guidance to the communities we serve on a timely and consistent basis.”

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Hirsh Precision Products Inc. | Boulder

Photo by Jonathan Castner

Hirsh Precision Products Inc. makes precision components for the medical and aerospace industries. Finished products include surgical tools and parts for centrifuges.

Hirsh likes to get involved in the design process as early as possible so that it can help its clients, largely from the Front Range, arrive at the best solution for their needs.

“We are constantly improving how we work and seeking new ways to create value for our customers,” says Peter Doyle, the company’s chief operating officer. “In the coming year, our journey to be the precision manufacturing solution for our customers will continue as our facilities, capabilities, and team grow. The next year will include achieving additional quality certifications to support demanding industries and adding significant capacity through investments in state-of-the-art technology.”

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