Boulder Engineering Studio (BES) provides project design and product development for a variety of applications and diverse clientele. Our strength comes from an unparalleled breadth and depth of engineering talent in a small agile team. This allows us to quickly adapt to your unique product’s needs and complete projects in timelines that other design firms can’t touch.

Software, electrical, mechanical, and systems engineering: BES brings it all under one roof. The key to modern product development and innovation is the ability to integrate ideas from across many disciplines and fields. Our multi-faceted teams with experience in everything from cancer research to optics, power tools, and interactive art brings a unique and creative approach to problem solving and engineering.

Boulder Engineering Studio services available during the COVID-19 response include:

  • Strategic redesign of devices to accommodate supply chains disruptions
  • Design and manufacturing document (re)creation to support rapid reshoring
  • Augmenting, supporting or replacing design teams to smooth out staffing disruptions and absences
  • End-of-line test fixture development for mechanical, PCBA, and finished goods
  • Mechanical, electrical, software, and systems engineering consulting
  • Design review services and advisory services
  • Test and certification support
  • Material simulation including CFD, FEA, harmonics, etc.

What do we need at this time?

  • Projects which can make a positive impact on this scenario for the greater good
  • Updates on vendor capacities and status, especially FR4.
  • We’re all in this together, so if you’ve got holes, let us help plug them and vice versa!

Contact Kimberly Robertson, business development manager, at kimberly@boulderes.com, or 303/827-4150, or Daniel Bodenstein, COO, at dan@boulderes.com or 303/834-1091. Visit BES online at www.boulderes.com.


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