Design and build through a phased development process.

Boulder Engineering Studio

3297 Walnut St. Boulder, CO 80301


Concept; Prototyping; Design For Manufacture; Supply Chain Setup: BES covers the full scope of product development. Providing vertically integrated, collaborative mechanical, electrical and software engineering consulting. With specialties in the connected device, industrial, and consumer spaces, BES’s innovative interdisciplinary process crosses industries and provides a focus on rapid time to market. With clients from Fortune 5’s to garage entrepreneurs, BES is attuned to the unique needs of startups and established businesses and takes the time to get to know what a project really needs, not just a RFQ.

BES helps businesses design and build their products through our phased development process. With an early focus on user experience, product requirements, and business needs, BES efficiently marries the often-opposing goals of product, manufacturing and business to create the optimal product path. With in-house prototyping capabilities, growing from proof-of-concept, to iterative prototypes, to the transition through contract manufacturing is a straight line not a meandering path of starts, stops and repeats.

We help manufacturers with design optimization, QC, fixture development and programing station design and fabrication. With a deep understanding of embedded development and our library of test scripts and custom capabilities, we help manufacturers improve end-of-line stations, reducing issues and assembly time.

BES is experienced in a wide range of processes, from injection molding to stampings; in-house 3D printing to domestic and international machining, BES does it all. We are always looking to expand our network or local manufacturers.