CompanyWeek is manufacturing media, by the industry for the industry. Powered by Sustainment, we produce the nation’s largest newsletter covering the ever-changing US manufacturing sector.

Today the CompanyWeek audience is among America’s most influential manufacturing communities, and as part of the Sustainment network, a powerful marketplace of buyers and suppliers shaping the US manufacturing.







Our History

In 2014, publisher and journalist Bart Taylor founded CompanyWeek to chronicle the U.S. manufacturing economy, through profiles of the industry’s leading companies and people.

The audience today is part of the Sustainment community of manufacturing companies.

“I anticipated that American manufacturing would make a comeback, and that’s what we’re experiencing today.”

-Bart Taylor

CompanyWeek Founder

Our Misison

The combined media and technology company shares the core mission of optimizing the U.S. supply chain around the capabilities of small and medium-sized manufacturers.

CompanyWeek’s mission is to continue to report on companies reimagining U.S. manufacturing. Sustainment’s goal is to connect prime manufacturers, tier-one supplier OEMs and brands, with qualified domestic suppliers.

Together, the Sustainment team is connecting the growing community of American manufacturers through digital media, technology, and events.