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    Heather’s Choice

    One Alaskan Entrepreneur’s dream to pioneer a sustainable and nutritious dehydrated meals business sparks a 10-year journey of learning curves, from humble beginnings to an episode of Shark Tank—And now to the next stage in making “Heather’s Choice” a household name.  Although at first blush a business specializing in sustainable, highly nutritious dehydrated meals may sound like a “camping food brand”, but in the case of a tenacious business named “Heather’s Choice”, that’s not quite true. In fact, the company is determined to bring its products to store shelves and consumers across the US.  According to the Heather’s Choice founder (big shock—her name is “Heather”), that’s because the small and mighty company has a duty to help answer a much larger societal question about health and nutrition.  Heather Kelly explains that at its most basic, “that question is the wonderment and the curiosity of ‘How do I actually feed and nourish myself?’” To this end, Heather’s Choice offers a product line of gluten-free, sustainable, and nutritious dehydrated meals. They’re currently lab-tested to a shelf life of five years. An added benefit is that the meals are surprisingly tasty, making them an excellent choice not only for emergency preparedness and humanitarian …