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Supply Chains for Good

With nearly thirty years of experience running manufacturing supply chains, mostly for woodworking and furniture manufacturers, C.J. Nord, the founder of Supply Chains for Good, decided that there was a real opportunity in helping to create a circular supply chain that reuses materials for the industry, rather than a linear one which leads to waste. She saw the potential of using what would otherwise be waste products as raw material for making new products. Not only is this idea environmentally friendly, but it is also profitable for the companies involved, as waste disposal costs are eliminated, and they either get free raw material for other products or generate income from the sale of the materials to others in manufacturing. The company’s description as “protectors of children and family prosperity” comes from educating the next generation in sustainable supply chain ideas and keeping businesses profitable through the efficiencies of making good use of every possible material. After successfully battling cancer a few years ago, Nord found the inspiration and courage to start her own business to move the concept of circular supply forward. Because of her experience and relationships in woodworking and furniture manufacturing, that was the logical industry for her …